A young boy finds out he is allergic to The Nuts at his best friend’s birthday party. When the doctor tells him, You + Nuts = Disaster, the boy worries that he will never be able to eat good food again. The Nuts, he finds out, are a sneaky bunch and hide out in many types of yummy treats. How will he ever get rid of The Nuts? And why won’t they just take a vacation? The Day I Met The Nuts is not only a food allergy story; it is a book for any child who has ever had to encounter a scary challenge or major change in his or her life. This story sprinkles in a little seriousness, stirs around some humor, and tosses up big imagination to serve one empowering story that will help and entertain children for generations. And parents and children can feel good about reading this story, knowing that portions of the proceeds from this book help support organizations that increase awareness and are working to find a cure for food allergies

This is a tale of a youngster learning to live a full and healthy life in the absence of nuts. Director of the Division of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology at Hopkins Children s, Dr. Robert Wood is conducting numerous studies in the field of food allergy and predicts that we are 10-20 years away from a treatment for food allergies that would allow patients to eat the foods to which they are allergic. Earth Day Publishing’s terrific investment in food allergy research at Hopkins Children s, via their book sales, he says, is another great example of a creative way to give. Jennifer Balzano and Dr. Wood –Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

A rash-spotted face isn’t charming, particularly if it’s your child. But cheeks inflamed with hives are the start of a charming children’s book, The Day I Met the Nuts (Story Pie Press), by Mary Rand Hess with illustrations by Candice Hartsough McDonald. Here’s the story of a little boy’s first encounter with a nut allergy, from his initial reaction and the rush to the doctor’s office to what happens at school and acceptance by the wider community. This easy-to-read book is a fun take on a serious topic from a writer who is, by the way, allergic to nuts. The Day I Met the Nuts helps little ones come to terms with a food allergy. —Living Without Magazine’s Favorite Books: The First Time by Laurel Green

…a captivating book about a boy and the day of his first nut reaction. –Allergic Living Magazine